ESL Survey 2 arrives in Hong Kong

After 18 months Design and Construction in Guangzhou “ESL Survey 2” has been delivered.

With a 40 square meter back deck, multiple sensor mounts and launch/recovery systems this vessel allows ESL to deploy a wider range of survey systems than could be accommodated on ESL Survey 1. Our first boat shall still be used for shallow water surveys while “Survey 2” shall be utilised where multiple sensor options such a Multi-Beam, UAV Photogrametry and Laser Scanning are required.

More to follow…



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Stonecutters Bridge Configuration Survey

Edward and Mike carried out the SCB Tower Top GNSS configuration survey on 30th Oct 2018. It was a beautiful night with little pollution as can be seen from the photo below.

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Green Island UAV Reality Capture and Laser Scanning

ESL have recently completed the data capture for the Green Island Heritage Site. This involved the integration of UAV photogrammetry and Laser Scanning.

Following receipt of CAD flying permit data capture for both Aerial and Terrestrial was completed in 4 days. Production of BIM Model is now ongoing.

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Congratulation to Jaden

Congratulations to Jaden Lui who has recently received his “China Registered Surveyor Licence”.

He has also recently been promoted to Senior Surveyor in recognition of his hard work and professional recognition.

Everyone at ESL wishes Jaden the best of luck in his new role.



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Delivery of new Faro S150 Laser Scanner

Our new Faro S150 Laser Scanner has arrived and has been put to work.

It’s small size and mobility complements our Leica P20 scanner which together with our Faro Freestyle gives us great flexibility in choosing the right tool for the job.

Laser Scanning and scan to BIM is currently a growing market sector for ESL.


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3rd Runway Contract Award

ESL have been awarded Contract 3117 “Independent Geophysical Seabed Survey Services” by HK Airport Authority.

Dr Rosemary Quinn shall lead the team on this Project.


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