Underground Alignment Checking by Gyroscope

Our High Precision Gyroscope is used for Alignment checking on most major tunnel projects in HK either as an independent check or a major alignment control

Laser Scanning Peak Tram

Scan to BIM is now a major source of work for ESL.

Laser Scanning Gas Plant

Scanning of Pipe runs and subsequent modelling is becoming more and more common.

Heritage Survey Diamond Hill

Heritage Scanning, modelling and Photographic Record keeping has developed over the past few years.

Laser Scanning Airport Baggage Handling System

As constructed records become out of date very quickly. The solution is to obtain contemporary records in the shortest time. By scanning.

UAV Aerial Photogrammetry for Tseung Kwan O football ground

Aerial Photogrammetry is quick and accurate enough for many projects, particularly large flat locations.

UAV Aerial Photogrammetry for Power Station Coalyard

Volume surveys in the shortest time using UAV aerial photos.

UAV Aerial Orthophoto for Carnival site

To design a carnival layout over a large extend an Orthophoto provides a quick and efficient solution.

Victoria Road Detention Centre

Heritage Survey including Laser Scanning, Topographic Survey, Photographic Record, Drawings, BIM model and Fly Through.

Scanning for Fit Out Works

Laser Scanning is increasingly being used to check fixing details for complex fit out.