Laser Scanning is the perfect tool for construction documentation due to it’s high speed, resolution and 3D deliverable. By scanning pre-concrete pour all details are recorded so disputes don’t arise later. If there is no issue to resolve then don’t process the scan. It’s only cost 15 minutes of time.






Scanning is also useful in preparing as built documentation where a structure is freeform and high tolerance.

Scan to BIM software easily shows where problems may lie.





3D Modelling and Points Cloud Mesh’s allow the preparation of simple fly-thru videos which can in turn be used as a training tool prior to work

As the models and mesh’s have already been prepared as part of the engineering design it’s a small step to combine the information.






The model shown left was produced from Aerial Photogrammetry and combined with interior Laser Scanning to provide a complete point cloud record. ESL then produced a structural BIM Model from this point cloud. Drawings and Sections were then provided (see below).










Surveyors involved in building construction need to be familiar with BIM and have the ability to extract geometric data for use in site setting out. The presentation of as-built data in the BIM format is also fundamental to the sharing of data both upstream and downstream in the BIM process.

This hotel in Macau Hotel has a complex exoskeleton.  ESL used BIM, Scanning and traditional techniques to aid the construction.